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Nikolai Raahauge

My skills


C#, PHP, Javascript,

My credentials

Bachelor in web development from University College Lillebælt

AP graduate in multimedia design from Zealand academy of Technologies and Business

Facts about me

22 years old

Lives in Odense

Plays golf

My skills

I’ve worked quite a lot with HTML given that it’s the first thing we learn in Multimedia design and because of that, of course, CSS and later SCSS.

Javascript was another language I first met in Multimedia design, actually I started out by working with jQuery and then later on I switched over to Javascript and GSAP animations, as of now I’m still learning the ways around Vue.js but overall I feel that I've become highly profecient in the framework.

PHP is a language that I have had no educational practice in unlike C# which I actively work with while I’m studying, I have however learned a bit on my own and by the help of Youtube and different online courses.

Facts about me

I was born January the 18th in year 2000 so I’m still quite young.

I’ve lived on Lolland for most of my life but I currently live in Odense with my 2 roomies.

I started studying multimedia design in 2019 and got my degree in 2021, I started on my web development studies in 2021 and got my bachelor in 2023

I've been playing golf for under a year my current HCP is 52 so there’s only room for improvement